Professional Services


Our highly trained personnel have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of OEM equipment and offer top-of-the-line onsite support and training for our valued customers. Across all types of industries, product support is often a critical aspect of operations, ensuring that equipment and machinery meet all specification standards for the desired application.

Penn Power Systems’ Product Support Services & Capabilities

Our product support services are available for any piece of equipment, with no limitations on size, equipment type, or manufacturer. However, we do specialize in certain manufacturers, such as GE Zenith, Asco, and Gillette Generators, and our team goes through very thorough specialized training with these companies — allowing our workers to develop a full understanding of these brands’ products and ensuring first-class product support.
We offer troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance services for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Assisted living/nursing homes
  • Banking/finance
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Military and defense
  • Electronics
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Municipal
  • Utilities

With a full understanding of applicable standards and regulations, our technicians are always sent to clients’ facilities to provide needed support. This can be hugely useful, as many clients are actually unclear on — or unaware of — the required standards for their specific application.

Our skilled technicians can educate clients and their teams, providing thorough training as needed so that they may better understand the necessary procedures and industry requirements for their application. Such training provides long-term value for our clients, as they’re better able to navigate important industry and local standards in future projects.

And once the contract comes to service, our technicians communicate regularly with the customer via phone or email to address any questions or concerns and are always on hand to provide support.

Field Service Capabilities

  • Service and repair of all manufacturer’s makes & models
  • Fire pump engines and controls maintenance
  • Engine repair, overhaul, or replacement
  • Generator repair, overhaul, or replacement
  • Coolant system repair or replacement
  • Controller upgrade or replacement
  • Fuel polishing service
  • Resistive load bank testing
  • Facility load testing
  • Remote monitoring
  • Rice-Neshap exhaust requirements
  • Power quality analyses

Technician Training

We employ the best and the brightest, providing our workers with the most advanced training available in the industry. Plus, Penn Power Systems’ on-staff factory-certified trainers provide recurring training throughout the year, allowing our team to stay up-to-date on existing machinery and techniques while getting a head start on new equipment releases and exciting innovations.

In addition to providing critical training sessions, all of our technicians responsible for product support are well-versed on essential industry standards, including:

  • ANSI — American National Standards Institute
  • AS — Aerospace Industry Standard
  • ASME — American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • ASTM — American Society for Testing and Materials
  • DOT — Department of Transportation
  • FAA — Federal Aviation Administration
  • Mil-Spec — Military Specifications
  • RoHS — Restriction Of Hazardous Substances (Compliant)
  • SAE — Society of Automotive Engineers
  • TS — Technical Specifications, Used With ISO


To learn more about Penn Power Systems’ product support services and discuss how we can help with your unique needs, request a quote today. Our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have and will work closely with you to determine the best course of action for your specific application.