Planned Maintenance Agreements

No matter what industry you’re serving or what equipment you’re working with, planned maintenance agreements are of critical importance, allowing companies to greatly reduce the risk of time-consuming, costly failures while ensuring efficient, reliable performance of critical equipment and machinery.

Penn Power Systems understands the importance of regularly planned maintenance and upkeep, and makes these services available whenever and wherever clients need them. Through conveniently scheduled maintenance checks and repairs, it’s possible to significantly extend the life of your machines, fixing problems before they become serious issues that may result in catastrophic failure. All our experts and technicians are specially trained in this area.

Penn Power Systems’ Service Agreements

Penn Power Systems works directly with clients to create well-thought-out, highly customized planned maintenance agreements tailored to unique application and facility needs. No matter how complex or unusual your requirements, we can provide an ideal solution.

Each planned maintenance agreement is unique, but some of our most popular maintenance services are listed below:

  • Maintenance of diesel and gas fuel systems
  • Emergency/Standby generators and fire pump prime movers
  • Maintenance of fire pumps and power generators
  • Performance analysis of cooling systems
  • Diagnostics on engines, engine batteries, and changing systems
  • Performance analysis of automatic transfer switches and switchgear
  • Fluid analysis for oil, coolant, and fuel

These are just a few examples of the many maintenance services we offer. If you are interested in something not included in the list above, contact our team of experts; we’ll work to create a plan that makes sense for your facility and budget.

Benefits of a Planned Maintenance Agreement

Planned maintenance agreements offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Guaranteed regulatory conformity with both industry and local codes and standards (NFPA 110, JCAHO)
  • Enhanced equipment dependability for short-term and long-term power outages
  • Extended life spans for machines and equipment
  • Availability of key diagnostic information for future repairs, ensuring long-term reliability

Under such agreements, maintenance can be done whenever and wherever the client requests it. In this way, potential problems are discovered before they become serious issues that can result in major breakdowns. A planned maintenance agreement is also very cost-efficient since scheduled maintenance services are priced based on previously established costs — meaning such upkeep is much more economical than unexpected, last-minute repairs.

Penn Power Systems employs the best and the brightest in the industry, preparing our team with the most advanced training available. Our technicians are certified experts, and Penn Power Systems’ on-staff factory-certified trainers provide recurring training throughout the year, allowing our team to stay up-to-date on all existing machinery and techniques while getting a head start on new equipment releases and exciting new innovations.

Learn More

To learn more about Penn Power Systems’ planned maintenance agreements and discuss options for your unique needs, reach out to the team today.

We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have, and will work closely with your team to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan tailored to your exact requirements.