Penn Power Systems (PPS) is proud to be the authorized supplier of top-quality generator parts from a range of industry-leading brands.

We understand that reliable spare parts availability is critical to our customers’ operations. Therefore, we keep parts stocked at all PPS locations and can overnight components as needed. This will reduce downtime and ensure operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Penn Power Systems doesn’t just provide parts; we also work closely with our clients to determine the ideal solution for their unique application and can provide critical repairs and installation assistance as needed.

Our Parts Offerings

The parts we offer are used in a huge range of industrial equipment and machinery, including generators, fire pumps, and transfer switches. Our clients work across diverse industries, including the construction, commerce, marine, rail, pipeline, utility, and medical sectors.

We currently have Cummins, Caterpillar, and Kohler parts in stock, among others. Below are some of our most popular spare parts.

  • Day and sub-base fuel tanks
  • Batteries, chargers, and conditioners
  • Exhaust system components
  • Exhaust system blankets
  • Generator set enclosures
  • Filtration solutions — air, oil, water, and fuel
  • Fluids — oil and coolant
  • Coolant system inhibitors
  • Fuel system treatments
  • Manufacturers’ original equipment*

* If the customer comes to us with a part, we can match it. For example, if our team is working on a Caterpillar equipment unit, we can use OEM parts.

Penn Power Systems’ Services and Capabilities

Penn Power Systems’ doesn’t just sell parts. When a client contacts us, we begin by asking all the questions necessary to fully understand their needs based on their specific industry, location, and part requirements — such as the manufacturer, model number, specification number, and serial number.

If the part needed is common, then the client can have access to pricing and availability information immediately. If the part needed is not currently in our system, Penn Power employees will contact the customer within 24 to 48 hours to provide pricing information and availability details. Competitor parts have an estimated turnaround of 7+ days.

Once the client is provided with all necessary information, part delivery is arranged. Penn Power Systems’ service team of highly trained engineers and technicians can also perform repairs and replacements as needed. All equipment is fixed at customers’ sites.

Learn More

Penn Power Systems is proud to offer providing critical maintenance, repair, and testing services to clients across a range of industries. To learn more about Penn Power Systems’ capabilities and discuss your unique part requirements with an expert, request a quote today. Our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have and can guide you through the part selection process to ensure you receive the best solution for your exact needs.