Industrial Off Highway Diesel Engines

Penn Power Systems and its Off Highway team focuses on maintenance, repair, and replacement work on heavy-duty engines used in high-demand industries.

Any company that wants to maximize its fleet uptime while also lowering the overall cost of ownership of its vehicles and equipment can turn to Penn Power Systems and its full range of Off Highway services to accomplish these goals.
Penn Power Systems has long specialized in diesel engines. These versatile engines are employed in a wide range of applications, including the following:

  • Construction and industrial applications with heavy duty operation, medium duty operation and short-time operation.
  • Mining applications with heavy duty operation, medium duty operation, short-time operation and underground mining applications.
  • Commercial marine applications including workboats, passenger ships and ferries, supply and auxiliary vessels and onboard power generation and diesel-electric propulsion.
  • Oil and gas industry engines for generator drives, mechanical drives, and vehicle main drives.
  • Rail traction engines, including applications for railcars and push-pull trains and locomotives.
  • Agriculture and forestry engines with heavy duty and medium duty operation.
  • Generator drive engines for standard backup applications, continuous/peak applications, and mission-critical applications.
  • Marine defense engines for patrol craft and FPBs, corvettes and frigates, authority vessels, onboard power generation and diesel-electric propulsion.
  • Land defense engines for light and medium-weight vehicles as well as heavy vehicles.

Our goal at Penn Power Systems is simple. Regardless of your company’s needs, we work with you to develop off highway solutions based on your engine’s intended application. We take into account the horsepower, duty cycle, expected load, environmental conditions, and any other relevant circumstances to identify the perfect engine for your expected applications.

Whether you plan to use your engine in a fire truck, refrigeration generator set, drill rig, tugboat, agricultural equipment, crane, water pump unit, or hydraulic power unit, Penn Power Systems has the Off Highway engine to meet the challenge. Our team of technicians and specialists has decades of combined experience in every major industry, ensuring that you always have a knowledgeable expert on hand.

Penn Power Systems offers the full range of repair, replacement and rebuilding services for diesel engines. Find out more about our Off Highway diesel engine-related services at Industrial Off Highway Integration, Service, Support & Repair. If you’re considering working with Penn Power Systems, request a quote today.