Integration, Service, Support & Repair

Penn Power Group is proudly affiliated with some of the best-known manufacturers of diesel and multi-gas engines, transmissions, transport refrigeration products, hybrid products, and power generating equipment.

With four locations in Pennsylvania and New York, Penn Power Systems and the Off Highway team of our Penn Power Group division specialize in maintenance and repairs on a wide variety of heavy-duty engines used in high-demand industries such as construction, mining, forestry, oil and gas, marine transport, industrial equipment, and rail. If you’re looking to maximize uptime while lowering the overall ownership costs of your fleet of vehicles, Penn Power Systems can offer a full range of Off Highway integration, service, and support and repair services.

The Integration and Support Process at Penn Power Systems

Penn Power Systems sells and services engines from specialty manufacturers Isuzu Industrial Engines, and Mercedes Benz Industrial Engines manufacturers to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-user companies that use these heavy-duty engines. Penn Power Systems also services transmissions for on and Off Highway vehicles and equipment by Allison Transmission. The OEMs with which we work cover a wide range of applications, including refrigeration generator sets, drill rigs, tugboats, agricultural equipment, cranes, water pump units, and hydraulic power units.


Any vehicle or piece of equipment intended for heavy-duty applications needs an engine with the right amount of horsepower. At Penn Power Stations, we work directly with you to evaluate your company’s needs and assess every aspect of your engine’s expected duty cycle, from estimated annual usage to environmental conditions. These parameters help us identify the size, horsepower, and emissions standards of your ideal engine. We then test all installations under load to ensure that the engine is suited to the intended application.

Since every project has unique demands, we work to calculate an accurate estimate and develop a timeframe that works on your company’s schedule. At every stage of repair or rebuilding, our Off Highway team can provide service and support for any product we sell or represent, including on-site service and support from our technicians. We also offer nationwide coverage for 24/7/365 roadside assistance.

Work with Penn Power Systems

Whether your company is experiencing vehicle or equipment failure or wants to proactively refresh its fleet, Penn Power Systems stands ready to replace (new or remanufactured), repair, or rebuild your engines and transmissions. For more information on our repair services, you can explore Industrial Off Highway Replacement Engines and Engine Remanufacturing. If you’re considering working with us, you can request a quote today.