Additional Manufacturers Represented

Penn Power Group works with some of the largest manufacturers of diesel and multi-gas engines, transmissions, transport refrigeration products, hybrid products, and power generating equipment.

Our Penn Power Systems division and its Power & Industrial team primarily sell and service heavy-duty diesel engines used in a wide range of industries, including construction, mining, forestry, oil and gas, marine transport, industrial equipment and rail transport. Any company looking to lower the cost of owning and operating a fleet of vehicles and/or equipment can take advantage of our various Off Highway services, including proactive maintenance, integration, repair/replacement and service/support.

Our power and industrial team has years of experience with a wide range of manufacturers, including the following:

Isuzu Industrial Engines include the company’s own state-of-the-art technology resulting in powerful moving capabilities within a framework of continuous improvement regarding reliability, durability, and eco-friendliness. Isuzu’s array of low- and high-displacement engines include the following product lines: Stage IV/Tier 4 Final (8 general power engines); Stage IIIB/Tier 4 Interim (5 general power engines); Stage IIIA/Tier 3 (11 general power engines); Tier 4 Final (5 generator engines) and Stage IIIA (8 generator engines).

Mercedes-Benz Industrial Powertrain Engines are devoted to performance without compromise. Best known for its engines in trucks and buses, the company is renowned for its commitment to efficiency and sustainability. Its highly durable engines feature lower fuel consumption, which means longer intervals between servicing and lower total ownership costs of a fleet of vehicles. Drivers prize them for their high power, low speeds, powerful brakes, and smooth performance. The company is also committed to reducing both emissions and fuel consumption. Some of the Mercedes-Benz’ most recent models are also designed for use with biodiesel fuels, while others are designed to run on natural gas. Its engines range from 100 to 460 kW.

Allison Transmissions was founded in 1915. Allison is the world’s largest designer, developer, manufacturer and distributor of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems. More than 300 leading commercial and military manufacturers rely exclusively on Allison products for a huge variety of vehicles and applications. Its 14 product lines are well-suited to transit and city buses, tractors, refuse vehicles, fire and emergency vehicles, distribution vehicles, construction equipment, motor coaches, school buses, agricultural equipment, RVs and motorhomes, mining vehicles, port services and defense vehicles.


While Penn Power Systems works primarily with engines and transmission from these companies, we also sell remanufactured engines made by other companies, and thanks to our superior supply chain network, we can always find what you need.

We offer the following services related to Off Highway heavy-duty engines:

Integration: Companies who develop equipment vehicles can turn to Penn Power Systems for the engine or transmission they need. We consider all the parameters that dictate what type and size of engine would be best suited to the intended application. Once the engine is selected and installed, we thoroughly test it to ensure that it meets your requirements. Learn more by visiting Industrial Off Highway integration, service, support & repair.

Service/Support: Our proactive service and maintenance plans will keep your fleet up and running throughout the year and lower the overall total cost of ownership by keeping your engines in top working order. Our technicians can come to you for on-site service and support, and we offer 24/7/365 roadside assistance with nationwide coverage.

Repair: Our technicians are all factory-trained, which means that we have experts on hand for engines from different manufacturers. We can replace (new or remanufactured), repair or rebuild a wide variety of heavy-duty engines and transmissions. For more information on repair services, see Industrial Off Highway replacement engines and engine remanufacturing.

To learn about these additional manufacturers represented by Penn Power Systems for industrial off highway applications, request a quote today.