Industrial Off Highway Replacement Engines and Engine Remanufacturing

Penn Power Group is affiliated with some of the world’s largest manufacturers of diesel and multi-gas engines, transmissions, transport refrigeration products, hybrid products, and power generating equipment.

Backed by this wealth of experience, the Off Highway team of our Penn Power Systems division specializes in maintenance contracts and equipment distribution for engines. Our group of experts provides engine replacement and repair services and products for a broad array of industries, including construction, mining, forestry, oil and gas, marine vehicles, industrial equipment, and rail.

Our goal with every customer is to optimize your fleet’s uptime availability while lowering your fleet-wide ownership costs. Whether your company relies on one or a hundred vehicles with engines, we offer flexible maintenance plans that help you keep your entire fleet up and running throughout the year. Our services include on-site service, emergency repairs, parts, and new equipment sales for Engines, Detroit Diesel Engines, Isuzu Engines, Mercedes-Benz Industrial Engines, Allison Transmissions, and others.

At every stage, our highly trained experts work closely with you to match you up with the product that best suits your needs. Regardless of your specific requirements, the Off Highway team can remanufacture or repair your engine or transmission. If a replacement engine is needed, we sell remanufactured engines from a variety of manufacturing companies, as well as a wide range of brand-new engines.

Engine Replacement with Penn Power Systems

Our process is simple. After sharing the make, model and serial number of your engine and your needs with us, we tap into our vast network of suppliers to find the parts or engine that meet your needs. If recent emissions standards have made your current engine obsolete, we’ll go the extra mile and find a more current alternative. Once we’ve found the best matching engine or parts, we’ll calculate a quote and craft a schedule that’s tailored to your equipment as well as your professional timeline. To streamline the process, you can bring your vehicle to a Penn Power Systems branch or have our technicians perform the work on-site at your company.

Penn Power Systems also offers fully tested new or remanufactured/rebuilt engines from the manufacturer that come with a warranty in place. If Penn Power Systems rebuilds an engine itself, we’ll fully test it before final installation. Our factory-trained technicians have extensive experience with a variety of major manufacturers, including Engines, Detroit Diesel Engines, Isuzu Engines, Mercedes Benz Industrial Engines, and Allison Transmissions.

Since we’ve found that preventative care is the key to lowering fleet ownership, operating and fuel costs, Penn Power Systems also provides proactive maintenance plans and services that help you minimize the risk of engine failure and the associated downtime. Since our technicians are constantly updating their knowledge on state of the art equipment, we’re always prepared to develop the right solution the first time. We also leverage our expertly-sourced supply chain to find the parts and products needed at the lowest prices possible. Our maintenance plans can include 24/7/365 roadside service with nationwide coverage.

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