Blue Star Power Systems

Penn Power Systems has partnered with Blue Star Power Systems to offer you a wide variety of engines to suit your unique requirements.

  • Comprehensive portfolio of products to serve all major markets.
  • Expansive expertise in power generation industry
  • Continuous improvement of our products
  • Enhanced quality and performance
  • Complete products and turn-key solutions.
  • Full engineering design and support through completion of project
  • Products meet or exceed EPA standards and regulations.
  • Full line of enclosures, fuel tanks, and optional accessories

Generators help keep your power on and keep your mind at ease. Our New Generators are offered 30kW -2000kW Diesel powered, 40kW – 1000kW Natural Gas powered. They also offer:

  • Portability: generators come in a range of sizes, including large industrial units for backup power in factories and businesses.
  • Steady Power Output: generators can provide a steady and stable power output, making them suitable for critical applications like hospitals and data centers.
  • Longevity: Diesel engines are known for their durability and long operational life, making diesel generators a cost-effective solution in the long run.
  • Cleaner Emissions: Natural gas is a cleaner-burning fuel compared to diesel or gasoline, resulting in lower emissions and reduced environmental impact.
  • Continuous Operation: Generators can operate continuously as long as there is a steady supply of gas, making them suitable for standby power applications.

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At Penn Power Systems, we work with experienced manufacturers for power generation equipment. These manufacturers represent durability, flexibility and allow us to provide our world-class customer service to customers across the northeast.

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Generators play a critical role in ensuring a stable power supply in various situations.

Power generators are devices or systems designed to produce electricity from various energy sources. They are used to provide electrical power in situations where there is no access to the grid or during power outages. Power generators come in various sizes and types, each with its own set of offerings.

Each type of power generator has its own strengths and limitations, making them suitable for different scenarios and power requirements. When choosing a power generator, factors such as power output, fuel availability, environmental considerations, and specific application needs should be taken into account.